Pluralistic Psychotherapy

What is Pluralistic Psychotherapy?

Pluralistic Psychotherapy is where the therapist carefully listens to what you say and then draws upon the most suitable therapeutic response, from a pool of different approaches.

Essentially the work is uniquely tailored to your needs with each new thing you say or topic that you present.

The purpose is to tailor the therapy to your specific needs opposed to selecting a single therapy that most closely fits.

Rebecca works from the pool of therapeutic approaches as listed here:

The benefit of this approach is that you are never confined by your therapist.
For example if you have ‘pure CBT’ which largely addresses behaviour and coping strategies, you can find that there may not be space to work on the historic events and foundations of the problem.

With a pluralistic approach, the therapist will be able to switch between the therapies as and when they are relevant to the things you choose to speak about.


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