Terms and Conditions

The Initial Phone Call


Rebecca invites you to have an initial phone call with her to establish if the pairing between you is right. The call is an opportunity for you to explain a little about your reasons for considering therapy, ask any initial questions, and for Rebecca to talk you through what to expect from the process.


There are two important factors at this stage:


  • Feeling like you want to engage in therapy (that you are not under duress).
  • Proceeding with someone you feel like you can connect well with.


Rebecca kindly requests that you arrange the first call at a time where you will be:


  • Distraction free.
  • In a confidential space. 
  • Not driving for the duration of the call.


First Session


Rebecca offers a ‘First Session’ (50 minutes) at no cost whereby she will discuss your needs and her ‘Working Agreement’. This will provide you with space and time to get to know one another, and for Rebecca to carry out any relevant assessments. This is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions, and express any individual needs. You are welcome to have an extended first session (75 minutes) at a cost of £37.50.


Session Fees


  • Welcome Appointment (50 minutes) free of charge.
    This is offered once per person. 
  • Extended Welcome Appointments (75 minutes) £37.50
  • Counselling and Talking Therapies (50 minutes) £75.
  • Professional Supervision for Counselling Therapists (60 minutes) £90.
  • Longer appointments are available and charged pro rata.
  • These fees are the minimum price per appointment unless you have specifically agreed on a different arrangement. E.G. if you choose to leave the session early, you will be requested to pay for the session time in full.


Time Boundaries


  • Your sessions will not begin before your allocated session time. Please do not arrive early for your appointments.
  • Your sessions should end at the agreed time.
  • If a session runs over your agreed end time, (depending on the reason for the late ending) you may be asked to pay for the additional time used.
  • Please be aware that if you arrive late for a session, it is likely that Rebecca will still need to end the session at the pre-arranged time, and you will forfeit the time lost.




You are under no obligation. You can attend for as little or as many sessions as you would like to. This therapy is open-ended, which means you bring the work to a close, when you feel like you no longer need to attend.

It is advised that you discuss your ending ahead of time, rather than at the moment you plan to end the work.


It is advised that you have at least one ‘ending’ session.


Flexi-Fair Cancellation Policy


  • Rebecca requires a minimum of 7 days cancellation notice if you decide that you no longer want your scheduled appointment. Rebecca reserves the right to charge in full for any missed appointments without the correct amount of notice.
  • If Rebecca is able to offer you an alternative appointment time during her working week (Monday to Thursday) she will. In this instance, the cancellation fee will not be payable. 
  • If you cancel an appointment, request a swap, and cancel the swapped appointment, you will be required to pay for both missed appointments. 
  • Rebecca is under no obligation to offer an appointment swap. She does this as a means of being as flexible and fair as possible.
  • If you book an extended therapy or supervision appointment, and cancel it without the required notice, you will need to pay for the entire duration of the appointment.


Qualifications & Insurance


Rebecca is fully certified and professionally insured. Rebecca is a Registered Member of the BACP. Rebecca holds a Diploma in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling. This was a 4 year training and was awarded by CPCAB. Rebecca is a qualified Counselling Supervisor Level 6. Rebecca has continually studied since qualifying and offers different specialisms including CBT and psychoanalytic-based counselling therapy as well as a number of other talking therapies.


Rebecca’s private practice is fully insured.


Working Agreements


Rebecca uses a ‘Working Agreement’ relevant to the services required/offered.


This will be discussed with you during your initial phone call, again at your first session, and it will provide an ongoing framework to keep your work within safe and professionally appropriate boundaries. Rebecca is always happy to discuss this with you, as and when necessary.


Rebecca makes periodic revisions to her working agreement. If she updates the agreement, she will send you a revised copy, indicating the changes/updates.


Any issues with the changes/updates must be raised with Rebecca within 14 days. 
If no issues are raised, Rebecca will assume you are happy to proceed based on the changes/updates.


Ethics & Complaints


Rebecca is a member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy). She practices in accordance with their ethical standards and guidelines at all times. Details of this will be supplied during your ‘First Session’. Should you be dissatisfied in any way, Rebecca hopes that you would discuss this with her directly, as soon as possible. The BACP are an additional point of contact should you wish to seek advice.


Social Media


Rebecca works hard to put useful and supportive content into the public domain via her professional social media. Platforms include YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and FaceBook. Please refer to a current copy of the ‘Working Agreement’ for information about engaging with these platforms. Rebecca will have minimal contact/interaction with you on social media, in order to protect the anonymity of your therapeutic connection, but welcomes you to make use of the content that she provides.