Mindfulness Therapy

What is Mindfulness Therapy?

Mindfulness Practice offers five unique components:


  • It teaches you how to be and remain ‘in the present moment’. 
  • It tends to your feelings, as you experience them, which helps with emotional regulation.
  • It has an instantly stress-relieving effect. 
  • It strengthens your mind-body connection.
  • It strengthens your spiritual connection.
Essentially each session begins with a grounding exercise.
You then wait patiently to see what surfaces.

We then work with what surfaces moment-to-moment, rather than getting caught up with past feelings or future anxieties.
The therapists role is to help you to remain in the present moment, as we often find it difficult to do this for any great length of time.

We still work through your problems (if they present themselves) but in a very slow and peaceful way. Often when we are in a conventional therapy session we can get tangled up in our conscious thoughts, along with past pain and future driven fears. Mindfulness Practice is a very delicate, slow-paced and peaceful version of therapy.
There are many ways to implement Mindfulness into your life, so as well as therapy sessions, Rebecca can work with you, to help you strengthen your mindfulness practice in other ways. This might be in the form of training or guided practice.
Rebecca’s personal Mindfulness passion is nature-based discovery.

You’re welcome to discuss your individual requirements before making a commitment.

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