Integrative Psychotherapy

What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

Integrative Psychotherapy is where the therapist takes core aspects from a pool of therapeutic approaches and combines them to form a unique model. Rebecca’s integrative approach includes working with:
  • Your present and how you are experiencing this moment.
  • Your history and how it might be informing your present.
  • The future you aspire to have and what you might need to consider in order for that to be possible.
  • Your conscious and unconscious processes.
  • Your constructs, patterns and ingrained ways of relating.
  • The relational dynamics you share during your sessions.
Essentially Rebecca will be constantly paying attention to these important factors, whilst you are talking in your sessions. Her questions and interactions with you will be based on her observations. It’s worth noting that every integratively trained therapist will have their own unique integration-model. You may wish to discuss this with your chosen therapist, so that you are happy with their approach before the process begins.

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