Positive Transformational Therapy PTT

What is Positive Transformational Therapy (PTT)?

Positive Transformational Therapy was exclusively designed by Rebecca. Essentially it’s a therapy for people feeling good but who want to feel better! Revolutionary, right!


You’ll start by defining your dream, making sure that it’s in full alignment with who you are and where you want to be in life. Your destination will become crystal clear.


You’ll go on an intense journey of self-discovery to attune your mindset towards achievement, success and accomplishment. You’ll learn how to make this a part of your daily routine so that it feels easy and natural.


You will acquire strategies to make this possible. You’ll be supported as you embed the changes. You’ll be shown how not to relapse and be welcome to return if you face further challenges in the future.


The process comprises of three key stages:


  • Stage 1: A psychoeducative training programme, which you can complete independently as a self-study, or with Rebecca in designated sessions.
  • Stage 2: Additional optional study. Each module of the training is backed up by further learning in the form of downloadable work packs. Pick the areas that you feel you’d like to develop further and work through them at your own pace.
  • Stage 3: Implementation. Put the learning into practice by using all of the inspirational learning you will have gained along the way. Have further sessions with Rebecca to help keep you accountable and supported as you progress towards achieving your dreams. 


All of the PTT training is designed so you can apply it personally to you, your life and your goal from the moment you begin.


Pricing for PTT is different from the fees for standard therapy sessions so please contact Rebecca to discuss this further.

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