The Therapy Room


A Safe & Confidential Space

White Barn Therapy provides a safe, and secluded space, offering a tastefully designed and peaceful environment, perfect for all types of psychotherapy.

Upon making a booking you will be provided with all of the relevant information about where to find us, the free parking provided, and when to arrive for your appointment.


Within this unassuming and calm setting, you are made to feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. The room is well-stocked with therapeutic resources, which cater to different learning styles and preferred ways of therapeutically engaging.


If at any point speaking about your issues feels too challenging, let Rebecca know, and she’ll adapt the work accordingly.

Unable to Attend Face-to-face Appointments?

No problem, Rebecca also offers:

Video Call Appointments

Rebecca can host your sessions virtually using a video conferencing platform. This will recreate the face-to-face experience online.

Telephone Call Appointments

As a qualified 'Tele-therapist' you can have your sessions via telephone call. Great if you can't or don't feel comfortable working in person.

Text Appointments

Rebecca can host your sessions in typed formats. Options include instant messaging for people who prefer text typing, or email therapy.