Solution Focused Therapy

What is Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)?

Solution Focused Therapy is essentially a combination of Therapy and Coaching.


You begin by identifying the problems you are experiencing and the outcomes that you are seeking. You then explore the possible ways that you might find solutions to your problems. Unlike Coaching alone, SFT will tend to your emotions and mental health as you work towards your goals. If you hit an emotional challenge along the way, you have a therapist on hand to support you.


SFT is very similar to CBT in many ways. It’s outcome focused, requires you to make plans, implement new ways of approaching your challenges and regularly report back on your progress. Of all of the therapies, SFT is least concerned with your past and most concerned with helping you to achieve a positive future.


This type of therapy is good when you have a difficult decision to make, when you are considering a life change, when you are thinking about setting goals, if you have too much going on and need to reevaluate, etc. It’s also good for clients who have participated in conventional therapy but want to spend some time thinking about where to take their life next.


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