Rebecca Hill

Counselling, Therapy and Psychotherapy

Something has led you here, perhaps a current situation that you are facing, the way you are feeling, or a desire to change. My role is to help and support you with whatever you are facing. The aim of therapy is to provide you with a confidential opportunity to explore personal and relational issues in safety. My role is to help you through this process without judgement, and without telling you what to do. I may on occasion share information, or offer suggestions. As our work progresses, it may become clear that you have particular elements of your life that would benefit from further exploration, or ‘focused work’. We may even establish that working towards certain outcomes would be beneficial. There is no pressure to do or speak about anything in particular. We will focus on what you decide to bring to each session. We may explore things you find hard to address, but it will always be within the confines of what feels right for you.


What our clients say about us

What is Counselling, Therapy & Psychotherapy?

Therapy is essentially exploring through talking.

The more you speak about your life, thoughts, and feelings with your therapist, the more you will begin to transform the way you live, think, and feel. People become tangled up in their circumstances, and run habitual ways of responding, over time this contributes to all manner of challenges.

Therapy provides an opportunity for you to step away from your daily life, into a neutral space, with a non-judgmental, and unbiased person, who is extensively trained to help you to explore yourself, your world, and the impact of others.

As you begin to uncover the extent of your psyche, you will become more reflective, and self-aware. You will find yourself becoming less reactive to ‘triggers’, and you will organically evolve. You will feel calmer, happier, less distressed, less overwhelmed, and you will experience a greater sense of self-control.

This process is normally daunting at the start, but I can assure you that very quickly you’ll find the experience interesting, insightful, and maybe even life-changing. Therapy is unlike talking to a friend, or a partner because the entire time is spent focusing on you, and your life. From an objective viewpoint, it’s a place for clarity, support, and emotional growth.

Rebecca is an ‘Integrative Therapist'

What does that mean?

Integrative therapy is a combined approach to psychotherapy that brings together different elements of specific therapies. Integrative therapists take the view that there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations.

Each person needs to be considered as a whole, and therapeutic techniques must be tailored to the person’s individual needs and personal circumstances. Integrative therapy maintains the idea that there are many ways in which human psychology can be explored and understood – no one theory holds the answer. All theories are considered to have value, even if their foundational principles contradict each other – hence the need to integrate them.

The integrative approach also refers to the infusion of a person’s personality and needs – integrating the affective, behavioural, cognitive, and physiological systems within one person, as well as addressing social and spiritual aspects. Essentially, integrative therapists are not only concerned with what works, but why it works – tailoring therapy to their clients, and not the client to the therapy.

Rebecca is more than happy to work in a ‘purist’ way (using only one style of therapy), if this is what you would prefer, or if it would better suit the nature of your challenges.