Psychodynamic Therapy

What is Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy is a gentle approach to looking at the complexities of a persons’ psyche. As you speak, both you and Rebecca will begin to pay attention to the following things:


  • How what you say connects to your past.
  • How you experienced things in the past; drawing on memories.
  • How you might have made sense of those things at the time. 
  • How that past interpretation is informing your present. 
  • How past experiences are shaping you current processes.
  • Exploring the past experiences.
  • Re-working those old experiences.
  • Updating your understanding and perspective.
  • Embedding new thoughts and perspectives to enable a more comfortable future.


As you speak in your sessions, you’ll both refer to these important points and discuss your experiences from a more inquisitive and exploratory angle. This wider awareness will help you to make better sense of the why questions:


“Why am I like this?”
“Why do I feel this way?”
“Why do I do that?”
“Why can’t I move on?”


Essentially, you’ll connect information and theorize about your experience of life. This will help you to learn about yourself in a deep and often profound way.


Pyschodynamic Therapy is often referred to as feeling like a ‘journey’. This is because you start in the present, travel back to previous experiences and re-trace your steps. You venture through time, thinking about things as they were, but then add many new ideas and insights. It can feel uncomfortable to look at old pain but in doing so, you will heal wounds and obtain a deeper sense of internal peace.


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