Purist Psychotherapy

What is Purist Psychotherapy?

Purist Psychotherapy is where the therapist works using one single approach, without integrating different therapies. This can be useful if you are trying to achieve something very specific within your therapy and if there’s an approach known to be particularly effective.


For example:

  • If you specifically want to feel calmer, you may opt to have some designated Mindfulness sessions.
  • If you are seeking to remove a phobia you may have a course of pure Exposure Therapy.
  • If you have high anxiety, you might find pure CBT really effective. 


If you have been recommended a particular type of therapy or if you have a specific issue you are trying to resolve, discuss Purist Psychotherapy with your therapist.


Rebecca will always begin the work using her Integrative-Pluralistic approach unless you specifically request otherwise. If it becomes apparent that a period of Purist Psychotherapy would be beneficial, Rebecca will bring this to your attention. You are welcomed to review your therapeutic preferences at any time.


You are welcome to side-step the Integrative-Pluralistic work to carry out a piece of Purist work, if you feel it would be useful. We advise you discuss this in advance, if applicable.


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