Creative Therapy

What is Creative Therapy?

Creative Therapy is not about being a good artist and its not about doing stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable or awkward!! In fact it’s the exact opposite.


It’s about identifying things you like, enjoy and connect with and within reason, anything goes. To give you a flavour of what I mean it’s probably easier if I start with a list of examples:


  • Words – written, metaphorical, poetry, lyrics, quotes, books, stories, discussions, expressions of ideas, imagination etc.
  • Sounds – music, songs, YouTube, Spotify, sound effects, noises, nature etc.
  • Colours – art materials, images, objects, mood boards, Pinterest etc.
  • Visuals – pictures, artwork by yourself or others, photos, Google images, magazines etc.
  • Scents – essential oils, nature, herbs and spices, descriptions of smells, pre-prepared smells etc.
  • Tastes – flavours, foods and beverages etc. 
  • Touch – texture, embrace, grounding etc.
  • Physical Expression – movement, gestures, position, posture, body language, facial expression etc.
  • Interests – passions, hobbies, collections etc.
  • Shared Activities – board games, card games, word games, puzzles, art, craft etc.
  • Representation – Beads, toys, pebbles, objects.
  • Role Play – reenactment, projection, hopes, practice conversations with the use of self or representation (see above).
This list could go on and on but hopefully you can see that the word ‘creative’ means something different to everyone. The idea here, is that you work with your therapist to choose an approach that you want to engage with, free to swap and try other things if and when you like.

Therapy is a unique experience where you are welcomed and encouraged to make the time your own, in whatever way works best for you. Although there are many spoken therapies that are often most commonly referred to, there are infinite ways to use the time creatively which can be as equally beneficial.

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