Counselling, Therapy & Psychotherapy


Counselling, Therapy & Psychotherapy

White Barn Therapy, located in Monks Risborough, is owned by Rebecca, an Integratively trained Psychotherapist

Rebecca is qualified in a range of therapeutic approaches. She offers counselling and psychotherapy to support a variety of emotional and mental health difficulties. In addition, she is qualified to offer clinical supervision to other practicing therapists.


Free 30 minute Initial Introductory Telephone Call.

Rebecca Hill
Rebecca Hill

Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor​

I understand that contacting a therapist for the first time can feel really challenging. Most people aren’t sure where to begin or what to say. I totally get it, but I’d like you to know that I’m reaching out a hand to you and welcome your call. I’m passionate about therapy but I’m a person too, and I’ll do all that I can to make you feel supported as you embark on this journey of self-discovery.

“Life, that’s a funny old word isn’t it? A teeny tiny little word, yet it means so much. Life is an experience that we all have to manage, somehow. Yet often we all find the challenges that it throws us incomprehensible. Why, why is life so challenging? And how, how do we survive it? I suppose what I have learnt, is that by talking it through with someone (the right someone), life becomes easier, and things become clearer. All of a sudden change becomes possible, and life can be enjoyable. For a long time, I struggled with life, but then I realised that talking to someone made things better. I didn’t know why, but I knew it was working. Overcome with what a remarkably positive change I experienced, I devoted my life to learning how to be the right someone for others. And now, here I am, a person, a real person who understands the complexities of the journey through life. A person enthusiastic to help each and every one of my clients to explore what their life is to them, what they want it to become, and how indeed to make that their reality.”


Learn About Us

Learn About Us

The White Barn is a safe and secluded space offering a peaceful environment.


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A wide range of useful ideas and exercises to help you maintain good mental health.


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The downloadable packs vary in length but take approximately an hour to complete.


In a way that works for you

Rebecca is able to offer her therapeutic services to anyone living in the UK, as she offers both in-person and remote / online therapy.

In Person

Face-to-face sessions at The White Barn Therapy Practice.

By Phone

If you don't feel comfortable working in person.

Video Call

Rebecca can host your sessions virtually using video.

Text / Email

Instant messaging for people who prefer text or email.