Live the Life of Your Dreams
by having
Positive Transformational Therapy

Overall you feel stuck, right? You know that ‘this’ isn’t okay but you aren’t sure how to make it better and that sometimes leaves you feeling frustrated, fed up, lethargic and irritated, to name just a few consequences of prolonged confusion.  How long can you carry on tolerating an existence that doesn’t feel fully aligned and adequately fulfilling? My guess is that you’ve reached breaking point with this more than once?

You’ve tried countless things and nothing has worked. You’ve emptied the self-help section of the local book shop. You’ve stayed up way too late many-a-night,  trawling through blog posts in hope of the answers. Perhaps you’ve even enlisted professional help in the hope of ‘finding yourself’ and nothing has really stuck. I’m sure you’ve learnt some valuable lessons along the way but are any of those practices still serving you right now?

Maybe for the most part you doing alright but you have still have battles to face. Challenges still arise that curb your ability to live a consistently happy, successful and fulfilling life and perhaps these pressures feel overwhelming at times.

We Understand

Ideally you want to define your dreams and clarify exactly what it is that you want from life. More importantly you want to know the secrets behind making that your consistent reality. How is it that some people appear to have the life of their dreams whilst so many of us struggle?

You want a clearly defined pathway between where you are now and where you want to be. You want to understand exactly what you need to do and more importantly how to make the necessary changes.

You’d also like to feel supported through that process because change can be scary. You want to work alongside someone who understands how challenging it can be and have their guidance and encouragement as you make your journey. Ultimately you’d like to make these changes permanent so that success, in whatever form that takes for you, becomes your ‘norm’.

Well that’s exactly what PTT provides

You’ll start by defining your dream, making sure that it’s in full alignment with who you are and where you want to be in life? Your destination will become crystal clear.

You’ll go on an intense journey of self-discovery to attune your mindset towards achievement, success and accomplishment. You’ll learn how to make this part of your daily routine so that it feels easy and natural.

You will acquire strategies to make this possible. You’ll be supported as you embed the changes. You’ll be shown how not to relapse and be encouraged to return if you face further challenges in the future.

Why  PTT is different from any other type of therapy or support

Until now therapy has always been for people who are facing or coming to terms with the hardest parts of their lives. Naturally they are battling difficult and negative emotions. Therapy works by facilitating change so that people can heal and live happier, more settled lives.

If the same powerful change process is applied to someone already feeling pretty positive and motivated, then transformational change becomes possible.

Then people can live their dreams!

This revolutionary concept of Positive Transformational Therapy (PTT) is a brand new approach to facilitating achievement.

Think of all of the traditional models; mentoring, coaching, psychoeducation, solution-focused therapy and idea bouncing, to name just a few and now imagine them delivered by a single person who simultaneously incorporates the use of therapeutic change and human psychology…  A dream come true!

What the clients say:

“I really enjoyed the rating session this week. It gave me a better understanding of my qualities and what I want to work on. Being able to talk it through with you and having a starting point made me feel excited that some of the areas will get better and it will be measurable.”

February 2019

“I really enjoyed last week’s session and took away some really practical things, it’s got the creative juices flowing. It’s really helping me to think differently.”

February 2019

“This week’s session was once again really helpful and I just can’t put into words how much this is helping me! I’ reflecting, evaluating and learning so much more. Going through and coming up with practical things I can do to work on myself is so good. I’ve achieved another one of my goals this week which I am over the moon at! I’m finding that I’m a lot more self motivated and I’m not putting things off as much.”

February 2019

“After having told you my achievements out loud I felt quite proud of the the many things I’ve done since… It hadn’t dawned on me until actually telling you, that I had achieved a lot.”

February 2019

Click on the image above to read our PTT Brochure.
Here you will find a comprehensive explanation of PTT and what to expect from the therapy.

What the clients say:

“I found it a safe, calm environment to start thinking about what I truly want and what makes me happy.”

January 2019

“There were a few revelations uncovered after just one session.”

January 2019

“It really got me thinking differently about myself and my surroundings.”

January 2019

“I loved the practical session, a chance for me to concentrate on what I need to do. To start planning for a doable task, which had felt like a mammoth one. I’ve got some direction and a firmer plan which was great. It was also great to bounce ideas off someone who does not work for my company (an outsiders perspective).”

January 2019

“I really enjoyed breaking down some action points that I could do quite simply, that would impact what’s going on quite drastically.”

January 2019

“It was really good to look at things differently and think more clearly about what I needed to do. It’s making me think more clearly about other things that come up in the week.”

January 2019

“I really enjoyed this week’s session as it got me thinking in detail about my overall goal. What we did made it feel like it was much more achievable. As the weeks go on I feel like there is more and more purpose with what I am doing. I am enjoying tasks that I despised before. I feel I am more enthusiastic and already things feel like they are turning around. The clutter in my head is becoming clearer and I’m thinking about my dream as an achievable end goal rather than just a wish – thank you.”

January 2019

Want to know more? Here’s what to do:

  1. Read the PTT brochure where you can find out more information about how the process works.
  2. Arrange a free one hour assessment appointment: in person or via video link.
  3. Decide if now is the right time to embark on this journey of self-discovery, positive change and accomplishment.
  4. Complete the FOUNDATION PROCESS: 25 STEPS of mindset development, preparation and planning for your dream. Work directly with Rebecca for a concentrated period of time or in staggered sessions depending on how quickly you want to get started.
  5. Carry out additional work packs at home to help support the sessional work. Available in our online shop.
  6. Receive your PERSONALISED PATHWAY PACK where you will be able to see all of your foundational learning, endless psychological insights about you and your dream and self-study projects that will further develop the work.
  7. Understand your PATHWAY PLAN and be equipped with the tools required to implement it.
  8. STEP 26 is to embed everything you have learnt as you progress through the challenges that lie between now and the realisation of your dream. This a supported phase where you will continue to have weekly sessions offering support and strategies for managing every obstacle along the way. You are in control of the duration of this phase of the process.
  9. STEP 27 is the completion phase where we will ensure you equipped to continue alone or with minimal support as you begin to LIVE YOUR DREAM.