Try Mindfulness via Pinterest

Try Mindfulness via Pinterest

“Take an hour off!” She said.

So I did. (Well sort of.)

I minimised my web tabs and I loaded up Pinterest. Instantly the screen was full of gorgeous photographs and I felt like I was in a place of ‘play’ rather than a place of work. I started by typing ‘therapy’ into the search bar and suddenly the screen filled with visuals of worksheets, quotes and content-heavy articles. As much as it looked informative, it didn’t feel relaxing. Instead it felt overwhelming.

“Hmmmm … If I search ‘therapy’ I want to feel like I’ve stumbled across something therapeutic.” I thought to myself.

“What says therapeutic to me?”
“Stuff that feels calming” I replied back to myself, and within 30 minutes I’d pulled together over 50 images that all represented something peaceful, soothing and mellow.

I checked myself and realised I felt noticeably different. I felt calmer.

Try Mindfulness

Board 1 : A Place to Be Calm

The first idea is that you click on your preferred link and enjoy looking through the collection of ‘CALM’ images that I’ve pulled together.

Try if you can to slow your breathing while you do it. Breathe in for 4 seconds and out for 4 seconds. There are over 50 images pinned to the board so if you take your time, it will provide you with several minutes of mindful relaxation.

Board 2 : Pure Pebbles

The second idea is that you click on your preferred link in this blog post and find an image that ‘speaks to you’.
This will be an image that you find particularly interesting or encapsulating. Once you find an image like this, sit with it. Clear your mind of all of your other thoughts by focusing on the image in front of you.

Then invite your imagination to wander. Imagine being inside the picture.
Imagine the things you can see beyond the image.
Imagine the smells, the feel of the things you can reach out and touch, the sounds you can hear and the taste inside your mouth.

The fun part is getting lost by giving your mind permission to expand on the picture in front of you and enjoying the sensation of mental play and exploration.

Board 3 : Lake Landscapes


The third idea is that you can create your own mindfulness boards. Different people find different visual stimuli relaxing so it can be even more effective if you tailor and personalise your boards.


Think about the colours and the shapes you find most peaceful. People also find they connect better to things they can emotionally associate with and this will be different for everyone. Ideas for consideration can include:

Actions) Floating, drifting or gazing.
Elements) Earth, air, fire and water.
Materials) Wood, metal, liquid, crystal, rock and sand.
Locations) Inside, outside, cosy and vast.

Once you’ve chosen your theme you can start the process of ‘pinning’ your chosen images to a designated board. Try to keep different types of image separate because the idea with this exercise is to take yourself to one particular emotional state. A variety of images will be more stimulating and therefore keep your brain busier.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

I’ll be adding new boards with different mindfulness themes so if you like the idea of using my boards, follow White Barn Therapy on Pinterest where I hope to continue inspiring you. CLICK HERE:

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