Take Annual Leave in January

Take Annual Leave in January

The Festive period in December is known as time when we are ‘expected’ to meet the needs of many.
We make more visit to friends and family and we engage in many, seasonal social commitments, unique to the time of year.

It also follows the ‘busiest period’ for many of us.
December is often a hectic month, whether it’s increased pressure at work, nativity performances or the logistics of preparing for the festivities ahead, December can be tough!

Many of us are allowed some time off around the 25th, even if only for the Bank Holidays.
Yet as we enter into our break, we often find ourselves exhausted but knowing we need to be emotionally available for the ones we love the most. Arguably this can feel less than ideal.
It’s no wonder the national stress level rises in December!

So, if you can, take some time off in January!
Once all of the festive carnage has been packed away for another year, take some time out for yourself. It may seem unconventional to book time-off directly following time-off but there’s something liberating about getting refreshed at the start of a New Year.
Most people don’t start thinking about annual leave again until the Spring, but in my experience, a few extra days of peace and quiet, when the rest of the world has returned to work, can give you an much welcomed energy boost.

Many of us return to work and say,
“I’ve come back for a rest.”
Never again.
This is a tradition I started a number of years ago and it truly helps me to re-balance and refocus.
A kick-start for the next twelve months of life.

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