When Opportunity Knocks

When Opportunity Knocks

From time to time opportunity knocks on our door when we least expect it.
Sometimes it’s a definite case of ‘right place – right time’ and sometimes we know it’s wrong for us, but what about when we feel confused?

We might start by feeling really overwhelmed by the so called opportunity, and many of us are great at saying yes to things when really, we’re not sure if we want to be saying yes at all.

Let me tell you a little story about a time when opportunity knocked on my door:

Back in November 2017 I was sent an email by a college I had previously studied with.
They were asking if I would like a place on a new course they were running in 2018.
I was really tempted but I felt like I had a full schedule already.
I wasn’t even totally sure that it was a training avenue that I wanted to pursue.
So I spent weeks deliberating over what to do.

In the end I asked myself if there would be a compromise and sure enough there was.
I asked if I could try it before fully committing to it.
Could I attend two classes before deciding whether to take the full course or not?

To my surprise, the college agreed.
I went along and loved it.
From the very first class I knew I had made the right decision by attending.
I happily signed the paperwork, made the commitment and completed the full year of training.

The lesson I want to focus on is:

“What’s the compromise?”

If a new beginning seems to be calling you and you are not able to, for whatever reason, make the leap wholeheartedly, what can you do to compromise?
How can you have a little of what you want right now, until the time is right to have it all?

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