Finding my Path in Life

Finding my Path in Life

Do you struggle to stay focused in life?
Do you find yourself asking “what path am I on?”
Does life feel like one big jumble, like you free-float from one thing to another?
Do you want a sense of direction and clarity?

If you’ve answered yes, then answer the questions below using this image for inspiration:

Find My Way

In the picture you’ll see that there are 5 kinds of tree.

  • Round
  • Triangular
  • Weeping
  • Tall
  • Layered

Each tree lines a different path or route through life.

  • Round = steady to start with, then a steep incline to a maximum potential outcome.
  • Triangular = a seemingly positive and steady start, with a disappointing outcome.
  • Weeping = a hard start, with a gentle and steady incline to a reasonably good outcome.
  • Tall = a confusing and hard start, a lengthy diversion backwards with a mediocre outcome.
  • Layered = an extremely hard start with a relatively good outcome.

You are currently stood at the start of all of the paths.

Each individual tree signifies a significant marker point in your journey:

  • Round = 6 Trees
  • Triangular = 4 Trees
  • Weeping = 4 Trees
  • Tall = 9 Trees
  • Layered = 5 Trees


All things considered, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Which route are you most likely to take in life when you consider your old historic patterns?
  2. Is this okay with you or do you want to change your old patterns?
  3. What personal traits do you need to be aware of to stop you from making any negative, habitual decisions or likely mistakes this time around?
  4. Which route will you choose to take this time?
  5. Knowing where you are now and where you would like to be, what do you think the trees will represent along your chosen, desired path.
    Remember trees represent significant events.
  6. How long is it likely to take you to move from tree to tree?
  7. Looking at the path itself, consider the following:
  • What might constitute a climb, difficulty or adversity?
  • What might constitute a decline, loss or failure?
  • When might things be plain sailing, easy and trouble free?
  • Are you likely to encounter dead ends along the way? (Times when you will need to accept failings, make changes and try again).
  • Are you likely to encounter crossroads along the way?
  • Will you stay true to your initial plans or will you be tempted to change direction?


How did you find this exercise?
Leave your comments below or contact Rebecca if you would like to work one-to-one using creative therapy to better explore yourself and your life.

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