Initial Introductory Call for Supervisees

Initial Introductory Call for Supervisees

All new supervisees will need to book a free introductory call before they can book their first supervision session. This is to ensure that Rebecca is the right supervisor for you, before you begin working together.


To arrange your introductory call, please text Rebecca on 07952 589578 with:


  • Your name.
  • A brief message to express that you are seeking clinical supervision.


Rebecca will send a response text, with the soonest times that she is able to offer you a call.


Your call will only be booked once you have confirmed your booking time via text.




This free call is only offered once per supervisee. If you book the call, and then have to cancel it for any reason (with less than 72 hours notice), the re-booked call will be charged at £42.50. In this instance payment will need to be made in order to secure the second booking.


Rebecca has a flexi-fair cancellation policy for all sessions. She will discuss this with you in detail during the ‘assessment process’. You will always need to cover the full cost of the duration of the session booked, if you cancellation falls within the cancellation period.