First Therapy Session

First Therapy Session

(PLEASE NOTE: All new clients will need to book a free introductory call before they can book their first therapy session. This is so you can be completely sure that Rebecca is the right person to embark on the therapeutic process with. Please see the page FREE INITIAL CALL for details.)


The first session will begin with Rebecca talking through your ‘working agreement’, and completing any initial paperwork. The remainder of the session time will be yours, to begin speaking about your reasons for attending therapy.


Rebecca will give you as little or as much guidance as you require, as you begin the process.




This free introductory session is only offered once per client. If you book the session, and then have to cancel it for any reason (with less than 7 days notice), the re-booked session will be charged at the full session fee of £75.00.


In this instance, payment will need to be made in order to secure the second booking.


Rebecca has a flexi-fair cancellation policy for all sessions. She will discuss this with you in detail during the ‘first phone call/first free session’.