Clinical Supervision for Counselling Therapists

Clinical Supervision for Counselling Therapists

Once you have completed your first session, assuming you wish to proceed with your supervision, you will be offered a designated recurring appointment time. *This is usually a monthly appointment at the same time every four weeks.


The minimum ethical requirement for supervision is 1.5 hours per month.


If Rebecca is your only designated clinical supervisor, she will require you to see her for 1.5 hours per month. This can be booked as one appointment or two fortnightly split appointments.


90 mins of supervision = £135


If you have a second supervision arrangement, Rebecca will be happy to provide monthly top-up supervision for the duration required. This will be charged pro-rata.


The duration of your supervision is open-ended. This means that you’ll attend for as little or as long as you would like to.


The supervision can be brought to a close at any time that feels right for you. There is no obligation to have a specific number of sessions.


It is advised that you have at least one session to end the work. Rebecca will discuss this during the initial call / first session, and you can further discuss this at any point in the process. Rebecca will guide you accordingly.




Rebecca has a flexi-fair cancellation policy for all ongoing sessions. She will discuss this with you in detail during the initial call/first session. You will always need to cover the full cost of the duration of the session booked, if your cancellation falls within the cancellation period.