Improve Your Preparation Skills £14.99

Perfect for anyone who needs to prepare for a personal or work-related project or task.



This work pack will help you to understand the principals of preparation.
It will provide guidance on carrying out initial research.
It will help you to make sure you are picking the right project to prepare for.
It will help you to break your project into manageable parts.
It will help you to plan each part of your project in great detail by focusing your attention on all of the key considerations.
It will teach you how to streamline the parts of your plan so that you are preparing efficiently.
It will help you to plan the order of events in a sensible and time relevant way.
It will provide you with strategies to keep you ‘on plan’ as you work through your plan.
It will teach you how to know when to abandon a plan that is no longer serving it’s intended purpose.


Ultimately this pack will help you to prepare for any future task or complex situation.
It’s deliberately generic so that it can be applied to any type of personal situation or work-based project that you need to prepare for.



White Barn Therapy is not responsible for the effectiveness of the information contained within this work pack.
Each individual is ultimately responsible for their own outcomes however this pack is designed to assist your unique journey of change and growth.
These packs can be more effective if completed within sessions hosted by White Barn Therapy.
You accept that White Barn Therapy / Rebecca Hill can not be held liable for any detrimental consequences of you completing this pack as you are under no obligation to use or work through the activities in this booklet.