How to Process your Therapy Sessions £19.99

Perfect for anyone who is currently in Counselling or Therapy and who wants to get more from their sessions.



This pack has been designed to help anyone in counselling or therapy to process their sessions, so as to get more from the therapeutic experience. It will add to and enhance the therapeutic work that you are doing.


This work pack will help you to understand the principle of ‘processing’.
It will teach you how to identify when you are in a state of ‘processing’ and how your ‘processing’ can vary.
It will teach you about different time frames that apply to ‘processing’.
It will provide you with some lighter ‘processing’ questions, to prompt and encourage further thought around your counselling / therapy sessions.
It will provide you with some deeper ‘processing’ questions, to prompt and encourage greater self-awareness as a result of your counselling / therapy session.
It will provide you with a mini-journal so that you can expand your process on a particular session over an extended period of time.
It will provide you with some reflective questions specifically designed to help you to turn your ‘process’ into something useful.
It will encourage you to expand your thoughts beyond any initial ‘processing’.
It will guide you so as not to over-process.


Ultimately this pack will help you to get more from any counselling, therapy or psychotherapy session if completed after a session has occurred. It can form part of your weekly ‘reflective-process’ experience between sessions. It can be used as a personal reflective tool or incorporated into your therapeutic work with your counsellor/therapist/psychotherapist.



White Barn Therapy is not responsible for the effectiveness of the information contained within this work pack.
Each individual is ultimately responsible for their own outcomes however this pack is designed to assist your unique journey of change and growth.
These packs can be more effective if completed within sessions hosted by White Barn Therapy.
You accept that White Barn Therapy / Rebecca Hill can not be held liable for any detrimental consequences of you completing this pack as you are under no obligation to use or work through the activities in this booklet.