Stay Motivated by your Goals £19.99

This pack is perfect for anyone who has a tendency to become demotivated.



This work pack will help you to feel ultra connected to a specific goal.
It will explain theory to show why we lose motivation mid-way through working towards a goal.
It will explain theory to show how to increase and sustain motivation when working towards a goal.
It will enable you to seriously connect to any goal you are working towards.
It will help you to pick a goal to work towards, if you don’t have a focus at the moment.
It will provide you with reference points to return to if your motivation begins to wane.


Ultimately this pack will help you to achieve your goals, visions and dreams.



White Barn Therapy is not responsible for the effectiveness of the information contained within this work pack. 
Each individual is ultimately responsible for their own outcomes however this pack is designed to assist your unique journey of change and growth. 
These packs can be more effective if completed within sessions hosted by White Barn Therapy.
You accept that White Barn Therapy / Rebecca Hill can not be held liable for any detrimental consequences of you completing this pack as you are under no obligation to use or work through the activities in this booklet.