Sunday, in my opinion is the most challenging day of the week.
Here’s why:
(Assuming you work on the other six days of the week like I do)
Sunday’s are the only day without structure. You don’t have to do anything.
On the up side it’s one free day out of every seven.
Like a holiday day and who doesn’t like them!
But official holiday days can be spent relaxing – guilt free.
Sunday’s however are not quite the same.
How free are you really?
There are cultural Sunday pressures:
Family Time
DIY + Decorating
A Roast Dinner
Essentially Sunday is the day that you are supposed to spend investing in your personal life.
As I am currently a student my main objective on a Sunday is to write my compulsory, weekly, 1000 word essay. A task that can take between 1 and 4 hours depending on how much additional research I need to carry out.
Some Sunday’s I get up itching to crack on and I have the rest of the day to myself by mid-morning. Other weeks I lie in, have other pressing errands to complete first or get totally distracted online, not finishing until the early evening.
Despite loving the course and the structure of my homework it’s the free time that I struggle with.
Needless to say I end up in a space that feels a bit like this:
I pull out my mental, Sunday checklist:
[] Is my house clean enough?[] How long has it been since I saw my family?[] Have I rested enough, ready for the week ahead?[] Did I get everything I needed?[] Do my friends know that I am still alive?
[] When is the house and garden ever going to look it’s best?[] Have I eaten too much / not enough?
[] Did I achieve enough today?[] Am I pleased with how my time was spent?[] Is there anything else I can cram in?[] Do I have a plan for the days ahead?

So as you can see the lack of structure, expectations and freedom of choice can actually make a Sunday more challenging than the days when:

I live by a schedule.
Have definitive tasks to complete.
Have less free time.

(I hunted for an image to depict someone happily-organised)
allow me to introduce to you Alejandra Costello.

Her photo linked to a YouTube video of possibly the most organised life I have ever seen.
Click on her image to see what I mean.
Albeit extreme, I think it’s well worth watching and I challenge anyone not to find at least one useful change that they want to implement thereafter.
Granted Alejandra is all about organising stuff and not time but it made me wonder a few things:
Would increasing my general state of organisation make my Sunday’s feel more manageable?
Would introducing time management strategies for free time help me to feel more relaxed?
Do I need to swap filling time for emptying time and practice being still?
I’m not sure that I know exactly the right answer because I feel like I need to experiment with some of the ideas that I’ve stumbled across whilst writing this. But what I do know is not everyone copes so well with free time.
Every weekend I see the Sunday quotes making their way around Instagram and FaceBook and the pressure to have the ‘perfect’ weekend rises.This article is to raise awareness that some people might need a little bit more understanding at times when you would least imagine that they do.
It’s also to remind people that experience something similar, you’re not alone.
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