Unleash Your Greatness


Here’s how to bring out your best bits and put them to use consistently.


Unleash Your Greatness

This work pack will help you to find your greatness, show you how to own it and help you to develop it.

It will explore useful psychology relating to success, achievement and social media.
It will provide you with a strategy for identifying your greatness (all of your best bits).
It will help you to explore your greatness in depth.
It will help you to identify ways in which you can embrace and enhance your greatness.

Ultimately this pack will help you to bring out your best bits more often and in the right way.

Disclaimer: White Barn Therapy is not responsible for the effectiveness of the information contained within this work pack. 
Each individual is ultimately responsible for their own outcomes however this pack is designed to assist your unique journey of change and growth. 
These packs can be more effective if completed within sessions hosted by White Barn Therapy.
You accept that White Barn Therapy / Rebecca Hill can not be held liable for any detrimental consequences of you completing this pack as you are under no obligation to use or work through the activities in this booklet.


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