In summary : a darn good film.

What I’d hoped for : a psychological thriller with an interesting story line (the trailer doesn’t give a lot away).

What I got: for the most part exactly what I had hoped for. There were elements of (funny humour) and horror (which were a tad predictable). And entertainment of a different kind, watching my best friend jumping out of her seat on at least four occasions; priceless!
There was a good story line, different from other films I’d seen but some of the ideas were a bit far-fetched.

The storyline in a nutshell (without giving too much away): Black guy meets white girl’s parents. Mum is a hypnotist and dad is a neuro surgeon. Despite claiming her parents are open minded about their racial differences, tensions are strange from the off. As the weekend unfolds and a party takes place events get weirder.

As Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) starts to get suspicious, he calls his bestie Rod (Lil Rel Howery) for advice.
Very quickly the magnitude of what’s going on becomes apparent and Christ decides to leave. Obviously the family have other ideas and Chris’ attempts to escape are met with challenges.

The best bits: the intertwining story line and clever connections being made throughout the film.
The really modern and funny use of humour.
The use of interesting psychological themes including hypnosis, cult mentality, people’s desire for immortality and human conditioning.
The powerful stance on racism.
The worst bits: some of the predictability.
The inaccurate portrayal of hypnosis (you can’t hypnotise someone unless they are susceptible and open to it); you certainly can’t do it by spinning a spoon around a cup!
And the way it leaves you jumpy at the end of the film.

Questions I was left with: Why did he agree to sit in ‘her chair’ when he was so against the idea of being hypnotised, when it’s clear that’s what she was ogling after.
Why did he go inside the cupboard? Am I the only person who would run for the hills if I thought my life was in danger?
Where did all of the other abducted people end up?
Why did he go back for the housekeeper? It was obvious that it wasn’t going to end well!

And most importantly:
Who-o-why was there a ping pong table in the preparation chamber?

Overall: Well worth a watch if you want a film that will keep you engaged.

My rating:★★★★
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