Counselling Supervision in Princes Risborough

by Rebecca Hill

“Hold me.
Contain me.
Reassure me.
Guide me.
Challenge me.
Inspire me.
Supervise me!

It’s For You

Fundamentally this supervision space is your supervision space.
What do you need from supervision?
The relationship between you and your supervisor is the backbone of effective supervision so let’s begin by understanding you and your needs.

What to Expect

“The idea of meeting a new prospective supervisor can be daunting and I understand that. So I suggest that we start by talking it through. If you are interested by the prospect of working together, we can meet for an hour (with no charge) to see if it feels right.”  Rebecca.

Supervision is an essential part of any ethical and professional counselling practice.

My role as your appointed supervisor is multi-dimensional and to give you an idea of what you can expect moving forwards I’ve included some typical examples below:

Fundamentally I will help to guide you towards a safe and ethical practice providing you with a space to discuss the challenging complexities of your work. My aim is to support you and the continued development of your reflective practice by exploring the intricacies of your personal process. I will become a sounding board for any confusion you encounter in relation to your client work and help you to seek solutions for any ethical dilemmas. I will enable you to explore both personal and relational issues that occur as a result of, or which could impact your client work. I will endeavour to shine a light on the shadows of your practice, bringing to the forefront things which you had perhaps not seen due to your closeness to the work. I will discuss your work from a relational angle, exploring the dynamics between you and your clients. I will use theory and psychological insight ensuring there is an educative element to our discussions. I’ll provide a space where you can familiarise yourself with new ideas, concepts and ways of working which you might not have tried in your practice previously. We’ll sensitively and appropriately explore your clients, what they present, what they don’t share and what they might be experiencing. We’ll reflect on your processes so we can identify what’s happening for you internally, as a parallel to your clients and what you are counter-transferring. We’ll also take into consideration our relationship and other external factors that could be impacting on your work.
Essentially together we’ll strive to sustain a safe, ethical, reflective and developmental supervision which strengthens and enhances your therapeutic practice.

My role is to help you through this process without judgement or criticism and for me to share openly and honestly with you, my thoughts about what I experience as you present your content. I may on occasion share information, offer suggestions, present ideas for exploration, strive to expand your thinking/perspective and propose exercises that might help to reveal more.

As our work progresses, it may become clear that you have particular elements of your work that would benefit from further exploration or ‘focused work’. We may even establish that certain goals would be beneficial. There is no pressure to do or speak about anything in particular (excluding any legal and professional requirements). You will set the focus for each session. We may explore things you find hard to address but always within the confines of what feels right for you.

Why Choose to Be Supervised by Rebecca?

Rebecca is warm, friendly, caring and extremely passionate about counselling therapy. She’ll offer you a reassuring sense of being held whilst inspiring you to continually discover more about yourself and your work.

As someone who runs a successful and busy private practice, her approach to counselling is up-to-date and her approach to supervision is empathic towards the realistic challenges that the work can present.

Rebecca is passionate about offering her own counselling client’s a high standard of mental health care and extends this to her supervision practice by offering you a highly supportive and developmental supervisory experience.

She is extensively trained in a variety of modalities and practices using a multitude of integrative and pluralistic theories and techniques. Therefore her ability to focus specifically on you and your clients by tailoring the work accordingly, is often experienced as insightful and eye-opening.

Supervision Services and Fees

Special Offer

Rebecca has current availability for new Supervisees.

Supervision fees are £60 per hour.
Session lengths / frequency can be arranged on an individual basis and are charged pro-rata.

Rebecca can facilitate group supervision sessions.
If you need a group Supervisor please get in touch to discuss this further.

The Theory of Supervision

Supervision creates a triangular dynamic between the client, the counsellor and the supervisor. By the counsellor choosing to participate in clinical supervision both the client and counsellor can benefit from a third person whose intention is to objectively nurture the work which is taking place.

As you can see from the diagrams:

Image 1) the supervisor objectively observes the counselling between the client and the counsellor.

Image 2) this is achieved by the supervisor working directly with the counsellor but holding the client in mind at all times.

By being a counsellor who participates in regular supervision, you’ll offer your clients the peace of mind that your work and the impact of it on both you and them, is being confidentially and anonymously overseen by an external and non-biased professional, who adheres to the same ethical, legal and moral considerations.

The client can take peace of mind in the fact that the work is being objectively and professionally monitored whilst the counsellor will experience a sense of being held, supported and developed in their practice.