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How do you really feel about the year that’s just been?
What were the highs and lows?
What would you like from the year ahead?
Is it time to look at life in a bit more detail?

If you want to explore your current life patterns, firstly carry out the exercise below:


  1. Create a notes page. List down each month of the year.
  2. Using your memory, diary/journal entries or social media think back to this time a year ago.
    Personally, I found it really insightful to scroll through a year’s worth of social media, as there were things I had completely forgotten had happened.
  3. Identify the key events of each month on your notes page.
  4. On a second sheet of paper draw a 12 square grid.
  5. Label the 12 squares in accordance with the months of the year.
  6. Using your notes, fill in each month. Make each box represent your experience of that month. You could use:

Words / Drawings / Collage / Colours /Symbols

Secondly answer these reflective questions:


  1. Overall how would you sum up your year?

  2. Did you discover anything unexpected?

  3. What were your best months and why? Could you seek to recreate or incorporate this into your year ahead?

  4. What were your worst months and why? Could you seek to avoid or change this in the year ahead?

  5. What are your reoccurring themes and patterns?

How did you find this exercise?
Leave your comments below or contact Rebecca if you would like to work one-to-one using creative therapy to better explore yourself and your life.

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