Therapeutic Classes and Workshops

Would you like to experience Minfulness, Creative & Art Therapy?

The White Barn offers a programme called…
“An Expression of Me”; a therapeutic art and craft group.


For those of you who are completely new to this idea, we hold Taster Classes. They are normally two hours and cost £25 per person.

Following Taster Classes we hold Mini Courses which run weekly for 6 weeks.
Each course will have a specific theme helping you to explore yourself and then express yourself using various art and craft exercises.
Each session will be a combination of:

Psychoeducation. Learning about therapeutic skills, theories and strategies, helping you to build a tool kit of emotional resources.
Discovery through creativity. Tailored art and craft activities will enable you to express who you are, what you think and how you feel.
Discussion. As part of a group you will be given plenty of opportunity to talk through your experiences of the learning and creating, to further enhance your processing.

  • Finding out if Creative and Art Therapy is for them.
  • Learning about how to use Mindfulness, Creative and Art therapy principals (which can be continued at home thereafter).
  • Becoming part of a enjoyable but emotionally-safe group, alongside people who may also be experiencing personal challenges.
  • Self-discovery, self-expression and personal growth.
  • Support for all mental health challenges. A group like this can develop your emotional resources no matter what level of inner challenge you may be facing.

Courses run when there are a viable number of attendees. If you are interested in putting your name onto the waiting list then please contact Rebecca on 07952 589578.

Taster Classes

If you are not sure if Mindfulness, Creative & Art Therapy are exactly what you are looking for, then we have prepared two Taster Classes so that you can try it out with minimal commitment:

Taster 1:
Taster Title: My Inner Tree
Fee: £25

Taster 2:
Taster Title: Circles are a Practical Thing
Fee: £25

Course 1:
Course Title: An Introduction to Mindfulness, Creative and Art Therapy
1. “Thinking about Thinking & Creative Expression”
2. “Finding Hidden Thoughts”
3. “Who I am, in Colour”
4. “Who I am, in Shape”
5. “The Body-Mind Connection”
6. “What’s in my Name?”
Fee: £180

The Good News

  • This course is tailored to work with every level of creative and artistic ability.
  • It’s not about how creatively or artistically talented you are.
  • This course is tailored to work with every media. Therefore if you especially like painting, drawing, writing, collage or clay, whatever media it doesn’t matter. Each creative activity can be ‘An Expression of Me’.
  • You are invited to bring your preferred media along with you to the group. We will provide a basic range of art and craft materials but as the course progresses we urge you to work in a personal way, to help strengthen your sense of individualism. If you are new to art and craft then please do not worry, we will support you through this process.
  • Rebecca has first hand experience of working with anxiety, social anxiety, social discomfort and inner discomfort. If you feel remotely nervous about any element of the course or attending in general, then please feel free to have an informal conversation before the course begins. You are more than welcome to arrange a time to come and meet Rebecca, familiarise yourself with the space and ask any questions.


Places are limited to groups of 12 and are awarded on a first come, first served basis so get in touch asap if you would like to secure your place.